Top 10 WordPress Comment Plugins

WordPress is one of the most versatile content management system sin the world, mainly because of the huge amount of plug-ins that are available for it. When it comes to the comments on the blog of the WordPress system, there a re a lot of different great plug-ins out there and here are some of the best:


1. Akismet:

This is a plugin that actually comes as standard with every wordpress installation and it allows you to keep a check on spam comments on your site, very useful.


2. DoFollow:

This is a little plugin that will do a great job of removing the nofollow attribute on comments. Be careful where you use this.


3. Show Top Commentors:

This is a plugin that does exactly what it says on the tin, it highlights the top commentors on your blog. A neat little feature.


4. Numbered Comments:

This is a really cool little plugin that will actually number the comments on your blog. This improves readability and more.


5. AuthorHighlight:

This plugin will highlight the authors on your blog which will really increase a lot of visitors trust in some of your content. A great plugin.
6. Custom Smileys:

This is a really nice plugin that will give your visitors the ability to add smileys to their comments on your website.


7. Live Comment Preview:

This is a cool plugin that will allow visitors to see how their comments will look on your website befor ethey actually post it. This is really nice.


8. TinyMCEComments:

This is another plugin that will improve the visability of comments as it turns the comments blox into a mini text editor. This makes it easier to use.


9. Gravatars:

This plugin will give users the option to put their own avatars on the comments that they leave on your page. A really nice addition to any site.


10. Comment Twitter SMS Notification:

This plugin will allow you to keep a better check on the comments that are left on the website as you will get notifications by Twitter SMS.

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