Top 3 Blogging Alternatives to WordPress and Tumblr

When it comes to creating your own blog, there are some fantastic options out there that will give you a slightly different experience. Most people however don’t really look into to alternatives as WordPress and Tumblr are generally considered to be the best blogging platforms out there. However, there are many other alternatives, all of which are fantastic for blogging and they deserve some attention. Here are some of the bets blogging alternatives to WordPress and Tumblr:

  1. Posterous  – Posterous is a little like Tumblr is the way that it has been designed to be quick and easy to setup and maintain. This is a great blogging platform that looks great and is easy to use, no matter what your experience level in this area is. Another great thing about this alternative is that it is hosted for you so you will not need to buy your own host and it also has great connections for Twitter, Facebook and Email. There are also some great themes available both free of charge and premium.
  2. ExpressionEngine – This is a blogging platform that is relatively underrated although you will need your own hosting in order to use this. The cool thing about ExpressionEngine is that it is a little more complex than things like Tumblr and this means that when it is used for blogging, you will be able to make relatively complex sites that have a lot of flexibility and options. The only downside to ExpressionEngine is that it will cost you a small amount of money with the single licence starting at $99.95.
  3. Joomla – Joomla isn’t really that well known as a blogging platform but the fact of the matter is that it makes a great blogging platform. Joomla is a relatively complex platform which can also be used for making complete websites and therefore offers a lot of flexibility when blogging. The platform can be used for blogging, social networks and eCommerce, making it probably the most flexible platform out there. It is free to use and has some great themes.

There are many other options out there when it comes to blogging so if you are looking for something a little more feature rich, checkout the WordPress and Tumblr alternatives as most are great.

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