Top 3 Website Builders Online

Building a website is something that used to take a lot of skill and a lot of time. If you didn’t have this, you would have to have a lot of money as website designers would charge you thousands to build a website for you. Now, this is not the case at all and you can actually get yourself a free website if you look hard enough. The great thing is that these free websites that are on offer are pretty good quality these days too and here are some of the best places to head for if you are looking to create a free website:

  1. – This is a website that has gotten extremely popular over the last couple of years as it allows you to create your own website using the simple user interface online. The website builder works using the drag and drop interface making it extremely easy to create a website that looks great. Once downside of this is that the websites are flash based meaning they will not work on the iPhone or iPad devices.
  2. – This was formerly called and now, it has been much improved; hence the new name. This website will allow you to create a website free of charge using their simple to use website creation software that you can use online. This will also give you free hosting for your website and a free sub domain. You can use Webs to host your website too if you already have one designed and there are a number of premium options too.
  3. Weebly – This has to be one of the best places to get yourself either a free website or blog and whatever your need for a website is, Weebly will allow you to create it. There are now more than 6 million people that use Weebly for either personal or business use and the results are great. Hosting is included and it uses a powerful drag and drop interface.

Of course, there are many other websites that allow you to create free websites out there and it is just a case of having a quick Google search to find the best one for you.

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