Top 3 WordPress Pagination Plug-ins

One of the fantastic things about the WordPress blogging platform is that it is so versatile and whether you are using it for a blog or using it to run an entire website, you will have access to change almost anything you desire. One of the things that is often used in the WordPress system, especially if you have a blog, is the pagination scheme. This basically will divide your blog posts into different pages to give a more user friendly experience. The good thing is that there are a number of plug-ins to make this pagination more visually appealing. Here are three of the best:

  1. Wp-PageNavi: This plug-in works really well with almost any WordPress website as it is so simple and to the point. The plug-in will add a number of page links to the bottom of your pages and will show whether they have been clicked before or not too. This is a very standard WordPress pagination system but one that works exceptionally well.
  2. WP-Paginate: This is another really simple way to paginate your WordPress website as it makes the pagination system extremely user friendly. This works similar to the way that the plug-in above works but looks a little different to the user. The plug-in will display the list of pages at the bottom of the website as well as the links to move to the next or previous page. Once again, a simple but effective plug-in for pagination.
  3. Better WordPress Pagination: This is a great little plug-in that simply makes the WordPress pagination system a lot more visually appealing by adding the grey and black style bar at the bottom on the page. This gives a nice look to your website and personally, I think that this is one of the best looking plug-ins out there for WordPress when it comes to the pagination.

There are many other plug-ins for doing this with WordPress and many of them also look great. Once again, it is a case of choosing the best option for your particular website.

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