Top 4 WordPress Slideshow Plugins

When it comes to creating a slideshow on your website, there are a lot of different options and if your website uses the WordPress CMS in order to run, there are plenty of plug-ins that allow you to do this with ease. Slideshows are a great way of displaying photos to users as it looks great and makes your website seem extremely user friendly. If you are looking for a plug-in to allow you to do this, then there is no shortage but here are four that we would consider to be the best out there.

  1. iSlidex: This WordPress plug-in is an extremely slick looking plug-in that will display all of the images that you would like in a slideshow extremely easily. The way that this plug-in looks is a little Apple style which of course means that it looks great on your website. You can completely automate this once you set how many slides you want and the sizes etc. This is a great little slideshow plug-in for any WordPress website.
  2. Sponsors Slideshow Widget: This is a great little plug-in/widget for your WordPress website that will actually show all of your photos in a nice little widget style way. This plug-in will allow you to place the slideshow in the sidebar with a link to a category on your website. The plug-in uses Jquery and looks really cool on any website.
  3. Google AJAX Feed: This plug-in actually shows photos that are included in an RSS feed. This uses the Google AJAX API feed to display a slideshow which means that photos can come from many websites including Picasa, Flickr and more. This is a great way to have a dynamic slideshow on your website without much effort.
  4. WP Content Slideshow: This fantastic plug-in will show content from up to 5 posts in a really nice looks Javascript window. There are titles of the posts on the right hand side of the plug-in which makes for a really visually appealing plug-in.

Overall, there are hundreds of slideshow plug-ins to choose from and it is simply a case of finding the ones that are right for you.

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