What's Going On In April

Well friends, another month has passed so it’s time for a new site update.

As usual, a lot has been going on over the past few weeks. My goal for this site was to improve my Alexa rank for JWRmedia.com to under 200,000 by April 1. Well, as of today the current rank is 186,553! We’re currently receiving about 525 unique visitors per day to JWRmedia.

The WordPress tutorials are not yet completed, but what is done has been put online. I started out with template tags, and we’ll work from there.

Guest Posts

What's Going On In AprilI’m going to put the call out for guest posts for the month of April. If you would like to submit a unique article to be published on this site, feel free to do so by contacting me. You can include a short bio of yourself or your site with a link back to your site with your post.

Input Productions

Over the past week, I have been busy totally redesigning InputProductions.com. It’s now been completed and is online. I’m looking forward to some reader feedback on the site. Our team there has also been busy with some new graphic design work for our clients.


I’ll be focusing a little more on finding advertisers for this site. With its growing popularity, it can benefit many website owners. There are many advertising opportunities available on JWRmedia, and they have all been listed on the advertise page. One unique possibility to keep in mind is that I do allow affiliate banners and links to be used by my advertisers, so you can use my traffic to help bring in affiliate income for yourself.


My goals for the month of April are to continue to improve JWRmedia’s Alexa rank down to 150,000 or less. In addition, I will definitely be completing the WordPress tutorials and will be working on writing many more new articles to appear on this site.

My first video post went online on March 16. Unfortunately, the video was a little longer than 10 minutes so I was not able to upload it to YouTube. I will work on creating some more video posts throughout April, and hopefully keep them short enough to be used on YouTube.

I am also tinkering with the idea of bringing on a second writer, who would regularly provide new, unique and helpful articles to the readers here at JWRmedia. While I’m thinking that over, if you feel you may be interested, feel free to let me know.

Thanks to everyone for regularly visiting JWRmedia.com, and I hope you continue to benefit from this website.

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