What’s Going On In February

If you haven’t yet participated in the Win Big Bucks With JWRmedia contest, I suggest you take a look at it.

What's Going On In FebruaryTo summarize, $5 is added to the prize pool every time someone writes a post on their blog about the contest! The prize money will keep going up to a maximum of $750!

As an update, I wanted to let everyone know that the prize money is up to $85 as of this morning (February 8). The contest will continue until the winner is announced on March 1. For details on the contest, click here.

I apoligize that I haven’t been publishing as many posts as I usually do lately. I’ve recently taken on a new SEO client and I’m designing two custom WordPress themes for someone, so I’ve been busy with some work there. I also just created another site to be added to the JWRmedia Network and I’m working on 3 more.

I’ve also been doing some modifications to this blog to help it load faster and be more search engine friendly. You may or may not have noticed some of these updates as most of them are “behind the scenes”, but over the last few weeks, my traffic from Google organic search engine listings has climbed by about 20% and I’m currently receiving about 60-80 visitors per day from Google alone.

Lastly, I’m anticipating the opening of Onepoke.com, a website that will allow you to manage all of your social networking and email accounts in one place, so keep your eye out for it to make it’s official public release! Maybe Taris will give us an update as to the status of the site.

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